who are we?

London Community Boxing (LCB) is a charity founded on a firm belief in the power of sport as a vehicle for personal development and social cohesion.
Offering inclusive access to boxing in all its forms, we aim to encourage sustainable participation in sport. We believe that the benefits can enhance any community through common interest whilst building confidence, discipline and life skills.
The role of sport in nurturing both physical and emotional health has long been recognised; more recently the therapeutic nature of boxing training has been reappraised as a strong route to individual and collective development. In addition, the evidence is overwhelming that boxing is particularly powerful in engaging the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in society, and in reducing crime and reoffending.
LCB is building on this, as we are developing our enterprise to become a vibrant charity for all members of the community  welcoming everyone, and offering involvement and participation in boxing in its many recreational and sporting forms.

Meet the team

Our team are the greatest asset of LCB. We spend a huge amount of time making sure that we have the right people in place to support our activities through the right training and motivation. It’s important that our team share the vision of LCB and that they too have the same sense of belonging and ownership.

Our Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees is the governing body of a charity. Trustees have ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of an organisation, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for which it has been set up.


Madeleine Aldridge


Madeleine has recently joined the LCB board in 2018

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Hilary Lissenden

Trustee / Co-Founder

Hilary is a founding director of LCB. She is also a director on the Board of England Boxing.

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Leigh Bruce

Trustee / Executive Chairman

Leigh Bruce is a founder and Executive Chairman of London Community Boxing.

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Bevis Allen


Bevis joined the LCB Board on 14th March 2016. He has massive experience in the sport of boxing, from grass roots to elite level.

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Ricardo (Sol) Whyte


Sol is a founding director of LCB and currently serves as a Trustee.

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Our Management Team

The management team is responsible to the Board. It develops the strategy and plans for the organisation for approval by the Board, and is accountable for all aspects of execution. The management team is made of those listed below and is led by Leigh Bruce – Executive Chairman (see above).


Chris McKenzie

Assistant Gym Manager

Chris has a vast amount of experience in the fitness / boxing / coaching industry spanning over 5 years.

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Our Coaching team

LCB’s coaching team delivers all our activities, from boxing fitness classes and outreach into schools, community centres, youth clubs and other venues, to classes and personal training sessions, as well as coaching our competitive amateur boxing squads.

Our team is led by Ricardo Williams lead coach, senior and junior squad coach. Ricardo sets the standards for and supervises all coaching activities in the gym, in outreach activities, and in competitive boxing, ensuring consistency and high quality wherever we deliver. He also supervises and approves all personal training in our community facility. In addition, Ricardo is Head Coach of LCB’s Amateur Boxing Club.

All our coaches have England boxing qualifications and are cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service, enabling them to work with participants in any Health & Safety cleared venue in the UK. The coaching team is made up of those listed below and Ricardo Williams – Head of coaching (see above) and Chris McKenzie – Coaching team (see above).


Iain Perris

Senior squad coach

An enthusiastic hard working motivator, Iain is an England Boxing level 2 coach and valued member of our coaching team here at LCB.

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