All of our coaches are fully qualified professionals. Please contact the gym or individual if you would like to find out more about 1:1 or group coaching sessions

Coach Chris
is an experienced Personal Trainer with a strong background in boxing, cardiovascular fitness & weight training.
‘With my help you will gain confidence, change your mindset and improve your overall general fitness in line with your personal goals.
Whether it is a short or long term goal I will show you how to structure your workouts, enjoy training and work to be the best version of yourself.
Chris is a qualified L2 Fitness instructor, personal trainer & L2 England boxing coach. He also holds a BTEC in Sports Diploma



Coach Carter
‘Growing up on a steady diet of kung-fu movies and a passionate martial arts enthusiast in my Dad, it seemed inevitable that my first foray, as an adolescent, into the world of health and fitness would be through martial arts. I have partaken in various martial arts and boxing competitions over the years and now instruct across multiple disciplines.
With the ever evolving fitness industry, my goals have changed and I felt the need to broaden my knowledge and skill base. Now, my passion and experiences in fitness extend to weight training, fat loss, explosive power building, Gymnastics, Kettlebells, TRX, Body transformations, nutrition advisory and so much more.
In excess of 20 years of coaching experience. I have transformed client bodies for aesthetics, trained athletes at amateur to professionals to compete for the ring, road, waters, cage, olympics and even mountains! I have trained clients to rid bad habits, improve overall health and well being. My experience spans across juniors all the way to my eldest client of 84 years old!
Health and well-being of an individual encompasses the mind, body and soul. Our outer-self balanced with our inner-self. Therefore while my methods work the body to its limits, there is always a holistic approach that I take time to harness such as including techniques on breathing, relaxation and stretching. With a positive mindset and willingness to achieve, I can help you jump over and bust through your barriers, and together we can achieve your goals.’

oach Sarah 
‘I grew up on track & field. I was always competitive and active. I loved the sense of improving and in my youth tried my hand at everything, some sticking more than others. After moving to London I needed a new drive. I was working in the city and decided to join a boxing gym close by with a goal of improving my general CV fitness & aesthetics, this improved but as did my quality of life.
I became passionate about the sport and  the people, there positivity & drive was infectious. Soon I stopped caring about my aesthetic goals and just wanted to improve myself, this is when everything really came into place for me.
I am now a full time PT & boxing coach and I train & compete as an amateur boxer to improve my knowledge & skill base for my benefit as well as my clients. Alongside boxing & fitness I have a keen interest in strength &conditioning, athletics, anatomical fitness, weightlifting and continue to discover, improve & fines new techniques & knowledge every day. I love working with people from different walks of life, and will work with you individually to meet your goals & potential however small or big they may be. For me, the most important thing is you enjoy yourself and find your confidence, how you feel within yourself will always out shadow the aesthetics! With enough commitment and accountability we can get you wherever you want to be.’

Coach Anthony
‘My name is Anthony. I am experienced in Fitness, Sports and Group Exercise delivery. I have worked with a wide variety of people from those just starting out in fitness, to those with more experience. The key for each person is to find the right balance of discipline, motivation and fun. I strive to be patient, understanding and aim to create, with you; positive and lasting change through engaging, dynamic sessions.’
Anthony is a Certified Gym and HIIT Instructor, Personal Trainer, L2 Nutrition and Health, L1 England Boxing Coach, L1 Anthropometrist (ISAK) and lifelong fitness enthusiast.